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Now you can enjoy your cooking and grilling experience without having to worry about spills and dirty clothes. This apron is one size fits all, covering you from your chest to knee, ensuring you are protected from food stains, grease, and spills while preparing food or cooking. The lightweight, 100% cotton material means you can wear this apron indoors or outdoors in the heat. The high quality cotton ensures ventilation and breathability, allowing the material to manage moisture and provide comfort. There are two large pockets in the front of the apron for storage, ideal for holding recipes, cooking utensils, and other items. There is a tie in the back and an adjustable strap for around the neck, both of which are large enough to be tied securely for all sizes. Keep your apron in great condition by machine washing it along with other like colors. The NorthFire logo is sewed into the apron, meaning it will not wash out.

NorthFire Apron

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